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North Kitebar - 5th element

Pris 2.499 kr


– Total safety in all wind conditions
– 90 % depower after a split second
– Compatible for C-, Delta-, Hybrid- and Bow kites


The Iron Heart II requires only minimal release forces and is not affected by adverse sand and saltwater conditions. Together with the double depower line, the Sliding Stopper and Stopperball make sure that the bar stays in your preferred position in all situations.

The small and lightweight Vario Cleat permits you to quickly adjust the bar for a perfectly trimmed bar system. If the dangling trim line should have interfered with your flow in the past you can now focus your Zen mind completely on the water: Velcro and Velcro fit together so we have placed one each on the Stopperball and on the grip of the trim line.

The Micro Loop is no longer an integrated feature and is now delivered separately. If you do not want to renounce on the comfort of this system you can quickly and easily fit the Micro Loop and remove the short closure of the hook with a small saw.

Riders of all skill levels, from newcomers to pros, will benefit from the advantages of the 5th Element Bar setup.

SAFETY Whether you ride unhooked, spin, try a water relaunch for the first time or practice a handle pass, all maneuvers, including the latest tricks, can now be performed with the safety leash of the 5th Element. As soon as you pull the Iron Heart or let go of the bar it slides up the safety line. The kite is then completely de-powered and comes down without twisting the lines.

RELAUNCH The 5th Element allows you to re-launch the Vegas without having to swim towards the kite. From the nose down position, simply pull the 5th line towards you to get the kite to tip onto it‘s back while simultaneously pulling one back line. The kite will make it‘s way to the edge of the window and take off. The 5th Element also allows you to relaunch the Rhino and Rebel in light winds.

PERFORMANCE The 5th Element stabilizes the kite’s arc and thus clearly increases performance. Enhanced profile stiffness brings considerable advantages in depowered situations and ncreases the kite’s wind range. As a result, the kite flies closer to the edge of the wind window and responds more directly to steering impulses.

REINFORCED ATTACHEMENT POINTS The kite has reinforced attachment points at the leading edge and the 5th Element Bar is either attached to a single line or to a Y-shaped noseline with a predetermined length. This system allows you to use different kite sizes with the same bar without making further adjustments.

TRIPLE V-CONECTION Triple V-Connection: about 13 meters below the kite, the Triple V-Connection converts an almost conventional four liner bar into the 5th Element Bar. The new Triple V construction has increased durability and less wear. The new stronger Dyneema lines are fed through a metal ring that reduces friction and wear. The power frontline splits into two frontlines that run to the kite’s right and left tips.

INTERNAL LINE SYSTEM The 5th Element system has three lines coming through the newly designed bar hole. Two of them are the depower lines that end at the Vario Cleat, the depower system, and continue from there as the power frontline. The third line is our safety frontline to which you attach your safety leash. When you release the safety mechanism, the bar slips up along this line and completely depowers the kite.



Kitebar - 5th Element with lines 25 m, 2009

BAR includes: 5th Element Kitebar ´09,Iron Heart II,Vario Cleat,5th Element Lineset,Safety Leash,5th Element Lineset 25m,Barstopper



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