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Tula Lattice Gardener Hat

Pris 324 kr


The Tula Lattice Gardener Hat is perfect for just that, gardening, or hiking, boating, sitting out on the veranda...just about anything you can think of. 50+ UPF sun protection and stay-put features will conquer all - in the wisteria or the whitewater.. 

  • Get outside in the Tula Lattice Gardener hat. It'll stay put with a soft sweatband and leather chinstrap. The wide 4" brim with 50+ UPF sun protection will help you break on through to the other side.
  • Lattice vents around the crown allow heat out and cool air in for ultimate comfort.
  • Unisex sizing means it looks great on all genders but could be a problem when you realize your significant other took it without telling you.
  • Handy leather chinstrap lets you secure it on your head or wear it on your back when indoors.
  • The elastic stretch sweatband enables the Lattice Gardener to be adjusted to fit perfectly to your head.
  • Lightweight palm material is cleans easily, dries quickly and it floats!
  • All Tula hats have been tested by California Polytechnic State University and were awarded the 50+ UPF rating, the highest possible for sun protective gear.
  • Reshaping is as simple as a water spritz and re-sizing as easy as a trip to the hardware store! Tula recommends cutting 3/4" poly foam water seal (at a hardware store near you) into 4-6" long strips and placing them behind the sweatband for a more secure fit.


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